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Press release   •   Apr 17, 2020 16:11 EDT

Design vs. Build is a new video series that explores the differing perspectives architects/designers and builders have as a project moves from concept to construction.

Austin, TX – April 16, 2020 – Kebony North America today announced the launch of Design vs. Build, a new video series that explores the differing perspectives architects/designers and builders have as a project moves from concept to construction.

Produced and presented by Kebony, each episode tells the story of a different residential or commercial project with interviews from architects, designers, project managers and more, as they talk about the project from their point of view.

“Since being with Kebony, I’ve been able to visit some wildly beautiful projects across the country, and I want to do what I can to highlight the people behind them.” Kebony US Marketing Director Ben Roberts said. “Sometimes we can look at the finished project and forget all of the hard work and incredible craftsmanship it took to get there. Without a competent builder, specs by an architect remain lines on a page. And, without the vision laid-out by the architect, there’s no roadmap to produce these stunning structures.”

Episode 1 premiered on March 18th and depicts the design and development of the Fulshear House, an expansive multi-building modern residence recently completed on a former pecan farm a few miles outside of Houston. Developed on his family’s 210-acre ranch, David Wersebe shares his vision for the nearly 6,000 square-foot modern ranch estate and why he enlisted help from his neighbor/structural engineer Shannon Galway to engineer features like a massive four-car steel and glass garage door and a 40-ft. steel bridge. This episode also features the project manager, Santiago Macedo, who talks about the unique details and challenges they experienced along the way.

Next up will be The Harland West Hollywood, a multifamily development of modern condominiums designed to reimagine high-density urban infill living while celebrating local neighborhood character.

Designed by Office Untitled and built by Matt Construction, and sitting on the border of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, the complex comprises 37 condominiums and townhome residences with expansive outdoor terraces made with layered spaces around a massive communal interior courtyard and an iconic, undulating façade.

“Design vs. Build is not about Kebony or a specific product. We simply want to tell the story of the people and process behind amazing architectural projects. Our hope is whether you are an architect or contractor or something in between there’s something in each episode you can relate to.” Roberts said.

Watch the first episode, The Fulshear House, and a trailer of The Harland West Hollywood online now at or

Kebony is a Norwegian company which aims to be the leading wood brand and technology organization. Underpinned by proven timber modification technologies, it produces an enhanced wood of a superior quality that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

The company's headquarters is based in Oslo, with its production facility in Skien, South of Oslo. Currently employing about 60 people, Kebony has subsidiaries in Norway, Denmark and Sweden, sales representatives in Germany, France, UK and the US and a wide distribution network internationally. Shareholders are leading the venture with private equity investors from Germany, France, UK and Norway. The company has received numerous awards for its environmentally friendly technology and innovation, including its naming as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer.

The Kebony® technology permanently transforms sustainable wood species such as pine into Kebony wood with features that are comparable, and in some cases superior, to those of precious tropical hardwoods. This unique environmentally friendly process is also a superior alternative to traditional wood treatment based on impregnation with biocides (wood preservatives). The company’s patent-protected production processes yield products that deliver major improvements in durability and dimensional stability, at the same time as being highly attractive. The Kebony products are suitable for a multitude of applications and designs – encompassing both indoor and outdoor applications.

Kebony’s mission is, through active innovation, quality thinking and understanding of commercial possibilities; give the world beautiful, long lasting and environmentally friendly wood products. The company will show social responsibility and contribute to improvements of the environment in a way that builds a better future.

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